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Unsere erste weisse Schokolade! inspiriert von "Haidhausen" - einer der beliebstesten Eis Sorten in unserer kleinen Münchener Eisdiele - True & 12 Handmade Ice Cream - benannt nach dem Stadtteil - dem Franzosenviertel - in dem wir seit 2014 Zuhause sind!


Our creative journey started in 2014 with our small batch ice cream shop in Munich (True & 12 Handmade Ice Cream). We were the first ice cream parlor in Germany to make properly handmade ice cream from the ground up. This means designing and balancing all of our own recipes, sourcing ingredients directly and not working with finished bases or powders, mixes and sauces, and making everything from scratch! We cook our caramel for hours slowly, and we source all the nuts and sesames whole, roasting them and milling them into our pure pastes right before churning into our ice cream mix! We work with a local dairy farm on direct trade fresh milk. This is not just any fresh milk, but milk from pasture raised cows (Heumilch und Weidemilch) with names!


One of the most popular flavors we have made is called "Haidhausen" - named after the section of the city we have called home since 2014 - the french quarter of Munich. We start with our base of farm fresh milk, adding and infusing lavender over night, and swirling in a homemade blackberry coulis.


This bar is Haidhausen in chocolate form! a white chocolate bar, with dried lavender and blackberry. Welcome home!


Expiration Date: 25th June 2024




Haidhausen: Weisse Schokolade mit Lavendel Brombeere

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  • Cacao Butter, Cane Sugar, Milk Powder, dried Lavender, Blackberries

    Kakaobutter, Rohrzucker, Milchpulver, Brombeerpulver, getrockneter Lavendel

    NO GMO, No Soy, No Emulsifiers, No Palm oil

    (May contain traces of gluten, and nuts)

    Hand crafted with our 10 step process in small batches in our own kitchen near Munich.

    Weight: 60g

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