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This set includes 4 of our most popular bars, which tend toward a deeper chocolate tasting profile, including aromas of hazelnut, whiskey, dried fruit and coffee. This set is comforting, bold and chocolate-focused. 


Included is our:


90% Tumaco Colombia

surprisingly smooth and creamy, not bitter at all, highlighting subtle notes of whiskey with dried fruits and a hint of tobacco. 


74% Tumaco Colombia

the younger sibling of our 90% this bar is offers a similar profile with subtle hints of hazelnut and honey to add


74% Maranon Valley Peru

the beans for this bar were thought to be extinct! you can read more about it here. Nicely balanced tannins, this bar is made for enjoying and savoring on its own or pairing with a nice whisky!


70% Zorzal Dominican Republic

with its deep chocolate profile and subtle notes of dried fig and plum, alternating with floral accents, nutty aromas and pleasant woody notes, this bar will take you on a special journey. By purchasing this bar you are helping to conserve a precious habitat. Read more about that here.


Dieses Set enthält 4 unserer beliebtesten Tafeln, die zu einem tieferen Schokoladengeschmacksprofil tendieren, einschließlich Aromen von Haselnuss, Whisky, Trockenfrüchten und Kaffee. Dieses Set ist ein zartschmelzende Klassiker. Dezente Tafeln mit seidigen Tanninen. Starke Kakaonoten mit reichhaltigen Noten von Karamell und Kakao und leicht nussige Endnoten.


Enthalten sind folgende Tafeln: 90 % Tumaco Kolumbien, 74% Tumaco Kolumbien, 74% Maranon Peru, und 70% Zorzal aus dem Dominikanische Republik

Tasting Set: Deep Chocolate

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