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Our friends and neighbors at Cafe Bla have two Christmas coffees this year, both of which we found the perfect chocolate pairing for. You'll find the other here


This set includes a 250g bag of beans from Negele Gorbitu, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia roasted by Jacob for Cafe Bla with a bar of our 70% Zorzal Chocolate from the Dominican Republic.


This vibrant natural anaerobic lot will give you all of your favourite Yiragcheffe characteristics but amplified! This year's crop is cleaner and juicier than 2021, showing the work that Tracon Coffee have put in to improving their anaerobic protocols, something that is incredibly new to Ethiopia. Coffee tasting notes include: 

Peach Fizz, Candied Fruit, Floral, Vibrant

Our 70% Zorzal bar from the Dominican Republic is one of our personal favorites. It has a fantastic story you can read about here. With deep plum notes, this bar is bursting with "purple" for those of you who taste in color. It makes the perfect combination with this lovely specialty coffee. 


Take your taste buds on a real adventure. Taste the chocolate on its own, and make some mental notes. Then taste the chocolate with the coffee. Taste the coffee at different phases (hot, warm, cold) and make notes on the flavor differences. You won't believe the different flavors that the chocolate and coffee bring out in each other. A truly craft flavor journey indeed! 


Please note:
Gift sets are packaged to order, and shipping may take a day or two extra. Please note that packaging colors may differ. Shipping is unfortunately expensive due to the fragile nature of the boxes. For larger quantities, feel free to send us an email first for an adjusted shipping quote. Pick up at Cafe Bla or True & 12 is possible. We're always responsive via email


Coffee & Cacao: Ethiopia & Dominican Republic

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