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Our 70% Cahabon Guatemala is one of our best sellers. Appreciated for its wild flavor journey, it also pairs extremely well with craft beer and wine as we saw in our past pairing events this month.


Historians are still debating about the exact origins of cacao however the tropical lowlands of what we now refer to as Mesoamerica - the area between central Mexico and western Honduras including all of Guatemala (and more!) - plays a crucial role in the history of cacao!


Take your taste buds on a journey with us to this vibrant Central American country as we explore the diversity of Guatemalan Cacao in a blind tasting with 6 different chocolates made by 6 different makers. 


WHEN: Thursday the 23rd of March at 19:00 

WHERE: True & 12 Rosenheimer Str. 14 in Haidhausen, right across the street from the Gasteig


The tasting will be blind, meaning that to truly appreciate the diversity of Guatemalan cacao, we will share the chocolate pieces in a guided sensory tasting, but not mention which maker produced which chocolate. This is not about judging chocolate, but simply appreciating the differences within this very small country!


This event will take place in our ice cream shop. As we have such limited space, the tickets are limited to just 6 people. We have no seating, so we will enjoy each others company in standing. The event can be held in English or German or both. We will allocate roughly 90 minutes to the event but you are welcome to stay longer.


The price is 20 euro per person. This is inclusive of 19% MwSt.


We look forward to sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for craft chocolate with you!


Please note due to the limited nature of this event, the tickets are non refundable. 


If you are interested in this event, but can not attend the chosen date, or prefer to attend in German, please email us via to set up a second event date! 


Please buy this ticket here in our Online Shop and simply choose the FREE EVENT SHIPPING option. You will not be mailed anything. This is simply to circumnavigate any shipping costs which automatically get applied in our online store. 


All of the chocolates will be dark chocolates, so they are naturally lactose free. In some cases, makers use lecithin. Otherwise, there are no nuts but can be traces. Naturally Vegan selection too.

Tasting Guatemala

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