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Explore the world of Truly Craft Chocolate and taste the difference.


Join us for a casual craft chocolate tasting with our two ingredient single origin bars, made with care and devotion here in Munich!


on the 14th of March 2023

starting at 19:00


at True & 12 handmade ice cream

Rosenheimer Straße 14 in Haidhausen


In this casual 1 hour* event we will discuss what makes our craft chocolate unique, and how it differs from commercial chocolate.

We will explain our production methods, of making two ingredient craft chocolate from the cacao bean, and present our single origins, and go through a professional guided tasting from the makers perspective, with 6 of our origins.


Important : as our little ice cream shop is very small. This event is limited to the 6 participants and we will enjoy your company in standing room only as we have no seating.


Expand your chocolate palate and meet new people in an informal yet informative setting. We would like to encourage interaction, discussion and exploration.


If you generally prefer milk chocolate, and are not sure you like dark chocolate, then this tasting is an excellent way to explore dark chocolate which is actually not bitter but absolutely enjoyable! you might be pleasantly surprised!


*the event is planned for 1 hour so you can sample our selection. It may run longer, but definitely not shorter. People are welcome to stay and ask questions. We encourage participants to bring their own favorite chocolates to taste after our planned event. The session will take place in English.


How to purchase:

simply add this event to your cart. The price is 15 euro per person. at the check out, please select EVENTS under the SHIPPING options on the right, so that the shipping charges for our Online Shop do NOT apply.


Make sure to fill out your details so we can get in touch with you if needed


The session will take place in English.

We speak German and are happy to answer questions in either language. Tasting sessions in German can be offered at any time, so if this is your preference, please just reach out to us and let us know



as tasting is best done with a clean palate we recommend that you do not eat heavily spicey, greasy or strong foods prior to the event, which may intefere with how you experience the chocolates.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via




Truly Craft Chocolate Tasting 14.03.2023

20,00 €Price
VAT Included |
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  • Our chocolates are free from nuts, soy and dairy.
    they are vegan by nature too.

    They are also gluten free however we make other products in our kitchen with gluten, so our production is not specifically gluten free.  If you are concerned about allergens, please reach out to us via

  • 20,00 euro per person or per ticket, inkl. 19% MwSt.

    Please see cancellation policy in description. By buying a ticket you automatically agree to the cancellation policy.

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