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2022 Academy of Chocolate Awards

We are a little late to share the good news, after a very hot summer, churning ice cream 7 days a week we hadn't found the time to update our blog. But we are happy to share that our only two new bars this year both won awards at the 2022 Academy of Chocolate Awards.

Our 74% and 90% Tumaco from Colombia are everyone's favorites introduction to Craft Chocolate. Both bars offer a subtle chocolate adventure. Unlike our other origins which are fruity or bright, our Tumaco is earthy, decadent, with bold chocolate notes, hints of tobaccao and nuts, while enjoying a smooth and luxurious melt, and long lasting flavour. Perhaps even a hint of spice at the end, not complex like our other origins but absolutely enjoyable. Especially for 90% the bar is not at all bitter nor does it have tannins. You may be pleasantly surprised by how smooth and light it is for 90%

Thank you to the Academy for your positive feedback!

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