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We had a make-over!

...and we feel like a new person!

despite having just invested in chocolate packaging a little over a year ago, we realized relatively quickly that we needed a drastic change.

We found Simon Kingston and loved his Portfolio and we are absolutely thrilled with what Simon has done to elevate and transform our brand in the shortest time span!

Our bars are now 60 gram instead of just 45 gram and come wrapped in frustration-free 100% recyclable packaging : BRIGHT, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL colors and designs which do the single origin justice.

It is still the same award winning chocolate, made with just two ingredients: truly traded, single origin cacao beans and cane sugar! but now you get more chocolate at a bit less price (our kilo price went down) and an imaginary journey to the source!

We have also updated our logo to better represent Truly's mission for making craft chocolate more approachable and fun.

Change is good.

and if you are looking for a designer who is wonderful to work with, please check out Kingston Design

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