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Truly Hot Chocolate with Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

there is no denying that cinnamon is a wonderfully warming spice, which adds depth and warmth to any dish - or beverage.

a few years ago, I found out that the "common cinnamon" or Cassia Cinnamon we find most often on our supermarket shelves is not necessarily the best version on the market. It is easily accessible and cheap, and its very potent flavor makes it great for baking. However, I learned that the cumarin levels in cassia cinnamon are quite high and really should be consumed with caution.

considering the absolute nutrient & antioxidant power-house which cinnamon offers, it is one of those spices which is really worth investing some time and money on. Source a much better quality: namely, true cinnamon or Ceylon Cinnamon, named after Sri Lanka where it originates.

ceylon cinnamon is of higher quality, and has a softer bark, making it much easier to crush and grind for cooking. It has a milder flavor, which I personally quite prefer - and little to no cumarin, so it is perfect to use for teas. The health benefits are astounding! as they are of course for pure cacao!

so we combined the best of both worlds and made this hot chocolate using Ceylon cinnamon. I insist on using water because it makes the drink much more soothing and easier to digest than if you were to use milk or a milk alternative.

have a go and let us know if you enjoyed it!

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