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Rose Hot Chocolate

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we wanted to share a recipe for a ROSE HOT CHOCOLATE. You can make this with water or milk, both versions are absolutely enjoyable. Our drinking chocolate is available in our Online Shop. It is pure, made with just two ingredients, naturally vegan and lactose free by nature, made with beans from Togo Africa.

Pünktlich zum Valentinstag wollten wir ein Rezept für unsere ROSE HOT CHOCOLATE teilen. Sie können dies mit Wasser oder Milch zubereiten, beide Versionen sind absolut genießbar. Unsere Trinkschokoladenmischung ist im Online erhältlich. Unsere Trinkschokoladenmischung wird ebenfalls mit nur zwei Zutaten hergestellt - natürlich vegan und von Natur aus laktosefrei.

By the way, we have a nice collection of mugs and little dessert plates in our Online Shop! Don't forget to take a look!

Übrigens wir haben eine schöne Auswahl an Tassen und kleinen Desserttellern in unserem Online-Shop!

I never liked scrolling through a long story before finding the recipe, so here's a little story for you to end with

DID YOU KNOW? Saint Valentine was a 3rd century Roman martyr, whose fest day is February 14. Ironically however, he has very little to do with the modern version of Valentine’s Day. Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th-century poem “The Parliament of Fowls,” describes a large group of birds who gather together on "Seynt Valentynes day" to choose their mates and is widely considered the first written work that links February 14th with Saint Valentine's Day. The poem, which is a dream vision, represents a flawless version of love in the Middle Ages by telling the story of a female eagle who refuses to choose from among her suitors and asks Mother Nature to give her another year to decide. Mother Nature honors her wish, and consoles the suitors saying, “A year is not too long to endure.”

Other poets soon followed Chaucer’s lead and by the 19th century, cards with love poems already printed on them, adorned with images of birds, hearts, roses, flowers and cupids were very popular and in high demand!

So thank Chaucer and not Saint Valentine... and don't forget... to savor real chocolate this valentine's day

OH and if you try this recipe out at home, make sure to tag us on social media!

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