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two ingredient chocolate

consciously sourced

cacao beans

handcrafted near munich


cane sugar

luciously smooth & dark one

A smooth, dark chocolate with strong cocoa notes, rich caramel and coffee aromas and hints of nuts. 

This cocoa is of such high quality that in September 2015, the ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) recognized Nicaragua as a fine cocoa origin. Nicaragua is now one of the only 9 countries recognized as 100% fine cocoa origin

complex and bright one

This is a well rounded chocolate, which we lightly roasted to balance the acidity with the bean’s natural fruity and bright notes which showcases hints of strawberry, lychee and raspberry.

This is a limited edition bar!

delightfully fruity  and earthy one

A versatile and well loved chocolate, with strong fruity notes, a touch of apricot, coffee, honey, pineapple and raisin rounded off with delicate earthy notes.